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Happy birthday to my ever favorite scientist, Carl Sagan!

He was an outstanding astronomer but before everything, an humanist which optimism had no boundaries. Unfortunately, he left far too early…. but he left us a great legacy with these inspirational videos, among others:




Happy Carl Sagan Day!

”Run Boy Run” videoclip by the incredible french artist Yoann Lemoine a.k.a. Woodkid (la Française in me is very proud!!)


itzwitz asked:
Hi Bye

Haha hi!

You seem to have a talent to instigate very profound conversations =P


eparr asked:
I had to translate "Photos! And other things that make us dream..." :) J'aime votre tumblr et merci de me suivre. Venant à travers de nouvelles personnes, je me demande - ce qui est une bonne chose!

Haha! I’m not sure what Google Translator tried to mean lol, but I guessed you were wondering why I’m following your blog…? Well the answer is simple: your pictures are dreamy, especially the nature’s ones and the ones with handsome boys ;)

Merci pour le follow également!


thebitterbite asked:
I miss seeing all your posts in my feed! :(

Awww you’re so sweet! I was so busy with university and wasn’t even able to go on Tumblr =(

I’ll try to do better now that I *kind of* have a bit more time hehe!


aritmija asked:
Thanks for the follow ^^ You have a great blog so it's definitely a follow back :)

Thank you so much =) Haha I checked your last.fm page out of curiosity, and I realized you are litteraly listening the exact same bands and singers as I am!

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